Florent Fortat




Javascript - IdemK - HTML 5 Game Jam 2012 (ISART)


Originally developped during an HTML5 Game Jam, Ballz’y is an arcade game where you score by coloring white circles with colored balls. Combine 3 balls in a circle to merge them into a higher level ball.

After the jam, this version was polished and proposed via the Chrome Web Store with up to 5000 user. A second version was then developed with new controls and more options for the level designs. I’m currently working on a 3D rendered version with a prototype made with Unity available.

Ballz’y v1 - Ballz’y v2 - Ballz’y 3D Unity(Sources)



Unity - Ludum Dare 35 (Shapeshift)


Shoofter is a 3D shoot’em up where you can shift between 3 vehicles to take advantage of their caracteristics.

Shoofter is my first 3D project which features rigged and animated 3D models as well as mouth-crafted SFX. I am currently working on this game to complete it with more animations, textures, music and rework the Level Design as well as some Game Design elements.

Shoofter - Shoofter sources



Unity - Ludum Dare 31 (Entire Game on One Screen)


BEARPG is a 2D PvE everlasting fighting game with RPG elements. Beat down your opponents as they are reanimated and duplicated to unlock upgrades and combos.

BEARPG was my first Unity entry for a game jam. It features “advanced” animations with programmer graphics and timed combo controls.

BEARPG on ludumdare - BEARPG v2 - BEARPG sources

Do not get shot

Do not get shot

Javascript - Ludum Dare 28 (You Only Get One)


Do not get shot is an unforgiving 2D vertical shoot’em up, as you have only one life to go through the whole level.

The idea here was to experiment with another genre from what I had previously made. The game also features specific SFX.

Do not get shot - Do not get shot sources

Square height=


Javascript - Ludum Dare 26 (Minimalism)


Square is a 2D platformer where you, as a cube, gets to fight against circles to get away from there.

It was my first Ludum Dare entry and my first solo game jam. I first prototyped the idea with Construct 2 to validate the concept. In the end, it gave me the possibility to experiment more with animations in raw javascript, without using any framework.

² on ludumdare - ² v2 - ² sources

Crush Your Pixel

Crush Your Pixel

Javascript - IdemK


Crush Your Pixel is a runner platformer where you use your lives to destroy parts of the level for other Pixels to go through. Collect the 4 stars in each level to complete it.

This game is the result of a game jam organised within the IdemK collective. It features 17 initial levels. An in-game editor allows players to additionnaly design their own levels and share them with everybody.

Crush Your Pixel

Prost Warsiut

Prost Warsiut

Javascript / ODGE - IdemK


Prost Warsiut is a 2D isometric multiplayer turn-based tactical game. Be the first of the 4 players to cross the finish line using every abilities you’ve got to harm your opponents.

Prost Warsiut is the first game using ODGE. It was inspired by the Game of the Goose and League of Legends. The idea was to have the choice between different heroes called “Prost”, giving different abilities and play types. The game is turn-based but all 4 players play at the same time so you have to plan what the others are going to do. The order of play is decided by a dice roll of which you know the value before playing.

Prost Warsiut Prototype



Javascript - IdemK - Framework 2D iso


ODGE is a Javascript framework to design 2D games with isometric perspective. It features layer management, partial rendering to increase performances and a basic UI tool.

ODGE was created in 2010, at a time where Javascript graphic frameworks were scarce. It comes from a game prototyped at the time called Outburst Divine, for which the development has been discontinued since then.